Wednesday What’s: Errant Edition

Since interesting things aren’t really happening at the moment, I’m forgoing the list and rambling.  Which will actually probably make for a shorter, more easily read post.  Go figure.

No one who knows me will be surprised that I am, on balance, pleased with how the election turned out.  I have a feeling that Obama will be a very different second term president than he was a first term one, about which I am cautiously hopeful.  The balance is more or less maintained in Congress, and the rightwing rape apologists got their wrists slapped.   State-wide, the proposals were a mixed bag.  I would have been happy if two, three, and four had gone differently, but the fact that one, five, and six lost pleases me immensely.

I am all registered for classes, financial aid accepted, and go to an orientation day on December 7.  So far, I see no books assigned, which means most reaings will likly go through blacboard, I think.  Or they’ll get the book lists to the bookstore eventually.  So, it’s really real.  Which is a little terrifying, but there you have it.  I am a grad student.  Or I will be, anyway.

Theoretically, we are going to Iowa for Thanksgiving.  I still need to make some arrangements around that, but it is largely settled.  It will be the first time I’ve traveled for Thanksgiving in…  a while?  I want to say several years, but I think we went down to Indiana for a holiday recently, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was.  I know last year we had it in our apartment, which was rather nice.  But, Iowa promises to be yummy, and it will be good to see the folks there.  And also the folks in Illinois on the way back.  I should probably warn them about that.

I’ve been playing Skyrim, again, recently.  Someday I may actually finish the main questline of the game.  Someday.  Right now I’m wandering around trying to get  Falkreath to sell me land so I can build a house.  I rather like RPG problems.  There’s always a solution, and in the meantime you can go do other things, like be attacked by bears.  This happens to me a lot.  Not as much as it did in Oblivion (this game’s predecessor, for those who have other things to to do with their days off,) but still rather more than you’d expect.  This world has some very aggressive bears.


While Waiting

I am in waiting limbo, and I do not like it, Sam-I-Am.

I have deemed it unlikely that I will hear back from UofM about the most recent interview, which makes me sad, but I have waited, and now I would like tobe done with waiting.  So, another round of applying and job-hunting, because the rats-on-a-sinking-ship phenomenon has worked it’s way through the ‘meh’ people, and is starting in on the people I-really-like-and-who-make-coming-to-work-bearable.  To that end, I have joined LinkedIn.  I’ve even joined groups.  Sadly, I apparently missed a presentation at WCC called “The Reluctant Networker,’ which might have been helpful.  At least I could say that I went to a presentation named after me.

I have not yet heard from Wayne State, and while it is likely, though not entirely certain, that I will be accepted, I am waiting.  My official GRE scores were 166 Verbal, 158 Quantitative, and 5 written.  (For those who want to know, that’s 96th percentile, 74th, and 94th? maybe 92nd, can’t remember, respectively.)  The only thing that isn’t appearing on my app status page is my OCC transcript, which should have been sent ages ago, and I really don’t want to have to track it down.  I’m sort of hoping they decide it’s not vital pre-admission-decision but, theoretically, they will let me know.

Money is still stupid.  I am inching closer to balance, but it is a tricksy beast.  Hence why I would like UofM to quit lollygaging and hire me now, please.  I learned recently that compared to industry averages for my position, I am very nearly criminally underpaid.  Which I knew, kind of, but it’s nice to have back up.  The fact that I am doing the industry a disservice, however, makes me a little testy about it.  I really need to get better at negotiating for my own value.

Work is.  I am trying to work on new approaches and such, but the frustration is such that it’s hard to gain traction on project delineation, let alone execution.  I still have no VP, which on the one hand means little oversight, but on the other means little to no opportunity to define new working parameters or methods.  My Director has been agitating for me to receive training on our database, but I am reluctant to incur the cost given my intent to leave, especially since the database we use is not super-prevalent.  Instead I am going to work on my SQL skills, I think.  I have the book, now I just need to do the work.  Small things, you know.

I am unsurprised, though no less miffed, by the arrival of Cold.  My attempts to ignore it do not appear to be discouraging it any.  I may have to give in and start wearing at the very least my fleece, and definitely gloves.  Maybe see if I still have some toe-sock-fingerless-gloves I can wear at work.  Especially since I have the dog with me 3-4 days a week.  It’s gotten so even walking at lunchtime is a glove-requiring activity.


Enjoy The Process

I know that I had a Thing to write about when I went to wordpress, but that Thing has fled, chased away by the stupidly large number of steps it takes to get to the dedicated to posting page on WordPress  I don’t like the quick post pages.  I am high maintenance like that.  I don’t have a shortcut or bookmark for it, either.  I’m low-planning like that.  Or perhaps it would be more true to say that I am low-execution like that.   Which, while more accurate, makes it sound rather as if I only murder a few people, now and then, so perhaps we’ll ignore the fact that I can plan from here to kingdom come, and execute very little of that.

Which has more or less to do with today’s post title, which is a mantra I have to remind myself of every so often.  I was reminded of it today, quite helpfully, by this post over here.  It iscertainly something I am excessively guilty of doing, and tes in to an email I was writing this morning.  By looking only at the carrot, we can occasionally walk off a cliff, if we’re not careful.  Which is actually not what the articl says, but is sort of an “in addition to” stream-of-consciousness type thing that occurred to me while I was typing.

I think part of the problem today is that I did not sleep all that terribly well last night.  I had very weird dreams that involved a book that required deaths to make it work.  Plus several other assorted oddities that I managed to forget some time between stumbling sleep-drunkenly into the bathroom, where I wondered why the lights wouldn’t turn on when I pulled paper ff the roll, and my morning chai.  It’s normally morning tea, but I ran out of PG Tips, and I have a hard time justifying the massive mug of tea every day when it costs $10 for 100 grams.  But chai I seem to have coming out of my ears, at the moment, so it is a more than acceptable substitute, for the time being.

Today is Thursday, about which there is nothing terribly noteworthy.  There is a good chance I will have the apartment to myself this evening, which is actally quite glorious.  So, I lied.  There is something noteworthy about Thursdays – I can wander around the apartment in sweatpants and a showgirl giant feather fan headdress and none of you will be the wiser.  Unless, of course, I tell you all about the massive cae of whiplash I’d probably give myself trying to get to the bathroom, so maybe I’ll nix the headdress.  I can’t imagine it will make me a better video game player, anyway, which is what I am most likely to spend my evening doing.

I am currently sharing my office with a cocker spaniel.  I have to take her back to her owner soon, but for the moment, she is looking quite attractive, being all golden and floofy on the green carpet.  She needs a good trim/brushing/shaving, though.  Once she’s gotten that, I shall perhaps post a picture of her.   She has a goofy grin, and she makes pig noises when she’s excited.  I can only take photographs of one of those traits.

I could tell you about the current state of the wonders of my modern medicine, but I am feeling as if I will be less than witty if I start talking about that, so I’ll shelve that as an Idea For A Future Post (That May Or May Not Actually Happen.)

It’s Too Damn Early for Titles

If ONLY my coffee were this awesome. Now I want to go to Ugly Mug.

Not that it’s actually early.  It’s quarter after nine, actually, and I’m working my way through my morning coffee.  I just got up (all virtuous and stuff) at 5:15 this morning to go work out.  Which didn’t quite, erm, work out the way I’d intended, but I did get a good walk out of it.

Note to self: email the apartment manager about why the resident’s gym won’t open at 5:30 in the morning.  Maybe I need to bring it coffee.

This weekend was… a mixed bag, really.  Sunday was okay, nothing exciting.  Went to mom’s, did laundry.  Bought some groceries so that neither the cats nor the husband will starve.  I’ve almost gotten to the point with the laundry backlog that I’m doing laundry that we actually wear.  I think there’s one load of towels, and then I’m caught up to regular washing.  Hardly the stuff of legends, but considering how much laundry I’ve done in the past month, it sounds practically like heaven.

No, the big snafu was Saturday.  A very good friend of mine was having her pinning ceremony, after having finished nursing school.  I haven’t seen her in a while, and she is one of my very favorite people on the planet.  She was a big part of my wedding, and I only get to see her a few times a year, thanks to the price of gas.  Which I thought I had allowed for, but…  There was a snafu with our gas card, and we weren’t going to have enough to get out to the ceremony, down to the party, back again, and still do things like work.  Add to that the fact that we got held up in a disgustingly heinous traffic jam around Lansing which was going to make us late, and that Cariad started feeling kind of crappy once we hit Grand Ledge, and I made the call to turn around.

 Given that Cariad spent the first twenty minutes after we got home curled around the toilet bowl, it was absolutely the right call to have made.  But it still sucks, because this is an event in her life that I would have like to have participated in.  I know she had an amazing day, and I am unreservedly happy that she did.  I’m just bummed that I missed it.