Enjoy The Process

I know that I had a Thing to write about when I went to wordpress, but that Thing has fled, chased away by the stupidly large number of steps it takes to get to the dedicated to posting page on WordPress  I don’t like the quick post pages.  I am high maintenance like that.  I don’t have a shortcut or bookmark for it, either.  I’m low-planning like that.  Or perhaps it would be more true to say that I am low-execution like that.   Which, while more accurate, makes it sound rather as if I only murder a few people, now and then, so perhaps we’ll ignore the fact that I can plan from here to kingdom come, and execute very little of that.

Which has more or less to do with today’s post title, which is a mantra I have to remind myself of every so often.  I was reminded of it today, quite helpfully, by this post over here.  It iscertainly something I am excessively guilty of doing, and tes in to an email I was writing this morning.  By looking only at the carrot, we can occasionally walk off a cliff, if we’re not careful.  Which is actually not what the articl says, but is sort of an “in addition to” stream-of-consciousness type thing that occurred to me while I was typing.

I think part of the problem today is that I did not sleep all that terribly well last night.  I had very weird dreams that involved a book that required deaths to make it work.  Plus several other assorted oddities that I managed to forget some time between stumbling sleep-drunkenly into the bathroom, where I wondered why the lights wouldn’t turn on when I pulled paper ff the roll, and my morning chai.  It’s normally morning tea, but I ran out of PG Tips, and I have a hard time justifying the massive mug of tea every day when it costs $10 for 100 grams.  But chai I seem to have coming out of my ears, at the moment, so it is a more than acceptable substitute, for the time being.

Today is Thursday, about which there is nothing terribly noteworthy.  There is a good chance I will have the apartment to myself this evening, which is actally quite glorious.  So, I lied.  There is something noteworthy about Thursdays – I can wander around the apartment in sweatpants and a showgirl giant feather fan headdress and none of you will be the wiser.  Unless, of course, I tell you all about the massive cae of whiplash I’d probably give myself trying to get to the bathroom, so maybe I’ll nix the headdress.  I can’t imagine it will make me a better video game player, anyway, which is what I am most likely to spend my evening doing.

I am currently sharing my office with a cocker spaniel.  I have to take her back to her owner soon, but for the moment, she is looking quite attractive, being all golden and floofy on the green carpet.  She needs a good trim/brushing/shaving, though.  Once she’s gotten that, I shall perhaps post a picture of her.   She has a goofy grin, and she makes pig noises when she’s excited.  I can only take photographs of one of those traits.

I could tell you about the current state of the wonders of my modern medicine, but I am feeling as if I will be less than witty if I start talking about that, so I’ll shelve that as an Idea For A Future Post (That May Or May Not Actually Happen.)


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