Wednesday What’s-es

It’s Wednesday!  What’s the Wonder Hamster…

Listening to:  Random soft-rock.  It’s what plays on the radio the receptionist has.  It’s better than nothing, but not a lot.  In the car it’s a toss up between DJ Shadow/things to listen that make traffic congestion bearable and things I can sing along to.  Which I seem to have less and less of – the more I sing, the more my range is shifting back upwards.  or something.  Who knows.

Eating: Better.  Salads are more daily, at the moment, breakfast more substantial.  Also, a lot of fiber lately, for various reasons that are far too boring to talk about.

Drinking: Tea, coffee, water water water.  Which is good.  It’s getting to the point that I’ll switch from hot tea in the mornings to milk coffee.  Not quite yet, but soon.

Reading: All the same stuff as last week, but also The Power of Habit, by Duhigg.  Which I actually quite recommend.  It’s very interesting, especially if you’re trying to break old habits or start new ones.   I’m in the section that talks about corporate habits, at this point, which is also good.

Watching: Still Supernatural.  Though I did finally get around to watching The Man From Earth recently, which was recommended a very long time ago by the Iowa folks.  Not bad, really.  Nothing stellar, but it’s sort of a shallow intro course in a lot of different academic fields packed into two hours with a story draped around it in a not-unconvincing manner.  I’m really not trying to damn it with faint praise, really.  It’s just sort of middle of the road.  Not a bad use of your netflix time, if you’ve got it.

Wearing: The usual work uniform, dress pants and a dress shirt, neither of which fit very well anymore.  Eventually, I’ll buy some new clothes, but right now I A) don’t really feel like it, and B) don’t have the money for it.  Which gets me off the hook 😉

Writing: Blog posts, does that count?  Everything else sits in its folders, mocking me, right now.  I need to read something.  I have the ideas, just not the words.  Blargle.

Thinking:   Right now, a lot about money.  Getting it, using it, stewarding it, that sort of thing.  I once read somewhere – probably Motley Fool, or something similar – that our social reluctance to talk about money is the root of many of our individual money problems.  That’s as may be, but I still squirm writing about it.

Feeling:  Sleepy, a little turned inside out.  I’m trying to adjust my seep schedule to allow for morning workouts, but it is not the easiest thing, going to bed while there’s still light out.  Luckily for me (?) Midsummer is coming soon, and the days will get shorter, and eventually I’ll complain about the flip side.  There is comfort in these traditions.  For me, anyway.

Wanting:  A nap, or better coffee.

Needing: To stop procrastinating on a lot of things.  Resume, job search, grad school stuff.  One thing at a time, right?  Start at the easiest, and work your way through.

Enjoying: My ability to make Trader Joe’s tiny little bags of dark chocolate covered toffee last a very long time.  Yes, folks, I am one of those people.  With chocolate, at least.  You should have seen me earlier with the bag of dried peach slices, though.  Gotta eat ’em all.  Yep, that’s me.  Insatiable fruit girl.  Wild, I know.

And, the weather:  Hell, I don’t know.   I work in a windowless closet, and had a lunch-and-learn phone conference on my lunch hour.  It seemed cold when I dragged my carcass over to the gym this morning, and my make up isn’t smudging too terribly.  This means it’s likely relatively cool and low humidity, like the weather report predicted this morning.  How’d I do?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday What’s-es

  1. So, if you want to talk about sizes (probably offline), I have a bunch of clothes that I’m going to need to sort through soon. You know, if’n you needed more.

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