Wednesday What’s-es

Stolen whole hog from Dianne Sylvan, who does this on Tuesdays.  This is sort of an effort to post more often.  We shall see how it works.

It’s Wednesday!  What I am..

This has nothing to dow ith anything in this post. It is simply nice to look at.

Listening to:  It’s been a toss-up lately between NPR and mindless dance-y radio.  I generally listen to as much NPR as I can stand before I start getting depressed, then hunt around until I find something with a bass-drum that would like to take over for your heart muscles, if you please.

Eating: Absolute and utter crap, really.  My motivation to cook has been sapped, lately, so it’s been a lot of cheap crap.  Which I really should stop, since it’s making me feel sludgy.  The once every day or so salad doesn’t really atone for all the other sins of eating lazily.

Drinking: Soda, again.  I’d pretty much given it up, but it crept in with the other crap.  Need more water.

ReadingThe Renaissance Soul, by Margaret Lobenstine, which is self-helpy, but in a good way.  Also, I’m still chipping away at Dune.  I like the story, but the writing gets to me a little, so it’s slow going.

Watching: I’m up to season three of Supernatural.  Mostly I watch it on weekends when no one else is up, or on Thursdays, when I’m home alone.  Which is why it takes a while to get through.

Wearing: Make-up, actually, more often than not.  Not really sure why, but it’s been what I’ve been doing, and I’m happy with it, so I’m not going to mess with what works.

Writing: Not a whole lot.  I’m gaining traction in some pieces, but stuck in others.  I think I need to finish Dune, and find another fiction book that gets me a little more jazzed about writing.  See, Dune gets me interested in the story, but not the mechanics.  I kind of need to be excited about both to be writing.

Thinking:   A lot about What To Do (Job Edition) and What To Do (Education Edition.)  The big question is whether I should find a new job now, or wait until I make the decision about school (MBA?  Libnrary Science?  Don’t go back at all?), and then look, because I don’t want to work 9 months for someone and then have to look for work all over again to fit around school.  On the one hand, things are less than ideal at work, at the moment, but they are tolerable.  On the other hand, I’ve made this mistake before, of waiting, and I don’t want this to be a mistake as well.  So, really, it boils down to waah, I don’t know, so I don’t want to commit, yet.  Which is a recurring theme in my life that I maybe need to look at.

Feeling:  Better than this time last year, or even 6 months ago.  The wonders of modern medicine, and all that.  But I’m having trouble concentrating, feeling sort of listless, and sleeping for crap, which means I *really* need to get back to working out on a regular basis.

Wanting:  A little more dressing on this salad.  It’s so hard to get the right amount, sometimes.

Needing: To relax.  I’m not very good at relaxing. Most of my ideas for relaxing end up with me falling asleep, which is not bad, but it doesn’t seem to do much for my stress level.

Enjoying: Social downtime between Big Social Things.  Weekend before last we had guests, which was wonderful, and this coming weekend we’re going to a grad type thing, which will be wonderful.  My poor little introverted soul, however, needs the intervening down time, so I’m enjoying it by being kind of anti social, really.  No offense to anyone I might be ignoring, I hope.

And, the weather:  Sort of normal, which is odd, given how crazy the beginning of spring was.  Generally clear-ish, dry, warm-ish.  Which doesn’t much change the fact that it’s 65 in my office, so I’m a little cold, but I’d rather be cold than overheated



One thought on “Wednesday What’s-es

  1. You’re so thorough, and I’m so cursory.. but this is good stuff for a friend to know.. and meditate over.
    My relaxation often ends in the arms of Morpheus (Morphea?), too, and she never calls or phones the next day.

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