Love Schmove, Let’s Order a Pizza

A heart shaped pizza

Shamelessly stolen from the internetz. Piracy kills.

It’s Valentine’s day. About which I don’t much care, as most know, except for the fact that I’m celebrating! By going to the oral surgeon. Oh, swoon. Anyway.

So, I am on a diet.

Which makes me a big, fat, hypocrite. Well, actually, the dieting only really makes me a hypocrite, the rest comes with the package*. At least for the time being.

And, honestly, it was a little bit of an accident. See, the insurance I get through work now has this irritating little policy where if your BMI is over a certain number, you have to either A) join Walkingspree, 2) join Weight Watchers, or Delta) pay a higher premium and deductible. So back when I was debating which one I would do, an email went out that the facility would be having a Weight Watchers At Work. I replied that I might be interested, and then decided shortly thereafter to join WalkingSpree – I figured all I had to do was make 5000 steps a day, and then the fact that I never lost weight would be irrelevant. However, when the start date for WW rolled around, they needed people to make the 15 person minimum. So I caved and joined.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the details. Or rather, I won’t bore me with them, and you can just play along. However, since I’m eating some new stuff, and needed something to post about, I shall review a few of the foods I’ve been eating.

Alpha) Domino’s pizza. Some diet, right? Whatever. Their pizza has gotten worlds better than it used to be, and they have these little garlic parmesan bites that are to die for, but what makes the whole thing so diet friendly? Is the nutritional info. They have an online interactive calculator. You go on, build the pizza you just ate, and it will tell you the actual nutritional info for it. Which is INCREDIBLY useful. See, I love Cottage Inn, they are many kinds of awesome, but their nutritional info page sucks. They have info, but it’s only for certain pizzas, only for regular crust, and only for large. Not useful for someone who gets thin crust ham and pineapple, light sauce, medium. I mean, I can fudge the numbers, but that’s not terribly helpful. Even if you can get artichoke hearts on your pizza from Cottage Inn.  (It doesn’t hurt that Domino’s is actually just as local as Cottage Inn, for me.)

II) Fiber One Brownies. I bought these on a whim, before I started dieting, probably due to a case of Wal-Mart Brain**. As it turns out, they’re actually not bad. After due experimentation, I have to recommend the chocolate chocolate brownies rather than the chocolate peanut butter ones, but those aren’t too bad, in themselves. I should mention, however, that I’m not much of a brownie fiend, so I’m not very picky about them, either. These are cake-like rather than chewy or fudgy, and the chocolate flavor isn’t going to knock your socks off. Which is all good with me, but YMMV.

3) Fiber One*** Cottage Cheese. I bought this just to try it, after having success with the brownies, and it turns out, it’s pretty good, too. Granted, I already like cottage cheese, so it had that going for it, but adding the fiber doesn’t really seem to change the flavor, and it’s 1% cottage cheese, so it’s pretty generally diet friendly. If you like cottage cheese and need fiber, go for it.

D) Yoplait Greek Yogurt. I bought this because I like Fage, and they had a pomegranate-cherry flavor I thought Cariad might be interested in. Which, I don’t know, because upon presenting him with a cup, he says he thinks Greek style yogurt has a funny taste. Funny, fantastic, I think he’s getting his vocabulary mixed up, but hey – more for me. What I didn’t notice until I was calculating points was that it’s Fat Free. Now, between you me and the rest of the internet, I feel that fat-free yogurt is an abomination. A-BOM. (Name that Play!) However, having tried the blueberry flavor, I’m willing to make an exception in this instance. Because it’s good. Which is saying a lot because not only is it fat-free, which I normally despise, it’s ALSO fruit on the bottom, which I think is the stupidest idea for yogurt since… well, ever. But since I have to put it in a new container to add my frozen blueberries to it (they thaw by lunchtime,) I just mix it thoroughly then.

*Before you go zipping down to the comments to tell me I’m not fat, let me just say that I am, and I’m not concerned about it 🙂  Saying that I’m fat is just as neutral, to me, as saying that I’m short and wear glasses.  It’s a descriptor, nothing more, because fat != unhealthy.  I am, in every other way, phenomenally healthy.  I just happen to weigh ~260 pounds.  Most people aren’t like this, though, which I recognize.

** Wal-Mart brain is what happens to you after a little while of roaming aimlessly in Wal-Mart trying to find something and failing. You may or may not know what that something is while you’re looking for it, but if you don’t it happens faster. It’s science.

*** Okay, truth time. WW likes higher fiber products, but I also recently started a medication with some side effects, one of which fiber helps offset. So that’s why all the fiber stuff. You’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “Love Schmove, Let’s Order a Pizza

    • Heh. I couldn’t say – I don’t think he was old enough to have many. I typically go to the UofM Dental School. Also, the tooth in question was a bicuspid (the tooth behind the canine,) so what I had the best view of what actually his belly. It was warm. Rather conforting actually, but maybe it’s just me.

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