Wha’ Ha’ Happ’nd Was…

So, I had every intention of posting yesterday.  I may even have had something planned out to say, though it hardly counts now because I have no recollection of what it might have been.  People like to say forgetting things is an ‘as-you-get-older’ thing.  I refuse to use this excuse, because that would mean admitting I amolder than everybody thinks I am.  So I claim ADD, and the fact that I drove a million miles yesterday.

Okay, maybe not actually a million.  More like ::consults google maps:: 122 miles.

My brother is a long distance truck driver.  I have no idea how he has any memories whatsoever.  Driving is a rather… hypnotic activity, for me, especially when I am driving by myself.  I get into a (I hate to use this turn of phrase, I really do, please don’t think less of me) “zone” almost immediately, which lasts until I’m about 10 steps away from the car.  Which is my explanation for forgetting to get gas when I’m by myself.  If I don’t get into the car with the express task of getting gas, I am highly unlikely to remember to do it.  It’s also why, were you to employ Stalkermouse McSneakersons to observe me, you would find hen doubled over with laughter underneath hir camouflaging bush, after having repeatedly watched me get ten steps away from the car, stop suddenly, look around in confusion, and then head in a completely different direction.

So, now that you are tired of reading my rambling about my shortcomings (at least, I hope you are, because I am…) I am going to pretend you are asking why, on a perfectly innocent Wednesday, I spent quite so much time driving around, apparently aimlessly.

Well.  We (and here I am referring to the business-corporate we, rather than the royal or romantic we,) had an advisory board meeting scheduled for yesterday, in the middle of the day, out in Birmingham on Old Woodward.  In an effort to spend LESS time driving, I thought I’d start my day at the Farmington Hills office (Grand River and Farmington Road, if you want to play at home,) go to the meeting, got back to the FH office, and then go to a non-work meeting in Dearborn.

Unfortunately, I and my boss both assumed that because there are newly-hired employees for the FH office that there would be employees AT the FH office.  Not, as they say, so.  So when I got there, I had no way to get in.  I called my boss, and offered to go to Corporate, in Detroit (at Greenfield and Outer Drive, for those keeping score,) and work from there until the meeting.  She asked me to get some files, but said I didn’t have to, as the marketing team was having a meeting in Farmington beginning at 10.

And then, my friends, I went insane. 

I offered – offered!  willingly! – to drive to corporate, get the files, then go to the Birmingham meeting, then go back to Farmington and work until the end of the day, so I would be able to do less driving when it came time to go to Dearborn.  Which is almost what I did.

Except!  There was a pile of returned mail that needed to get back to the marketing people!  I would take it to them before going to the B’ham meeting, conveniently forgetting the fact that it put me just as far away from B’ham on the OTHER side of Telegraph.

I blame car amnesia for this little bit of brilliance.

So this is what I did:  Ann Arbor to Farmington to Detroit to Farmington to Birmingham to Farmington to Dearborn to Ann Arbor.  122 miles.  Where I found time to get any work done is a complete mystery to me.

The Dearborn meeting was a “Graduates of the Last Decade” meeting at UM-Dearborn, which was pretty interesting really.  A group that I’ m likely to make an effort to be active with, at any rate.  They seem to be reasonably nomal human beings, not the rather irritating brand of super-competent, hyper-successful folk I usually associate with alumni initiatives.

Which makes me think I should make another stab at the Waldorf alumni group in the new year.  Alumni groups for normal people!  What a concept…


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