Five Things from the Scattered Brain

Stolen Shamelessly from google images.  Sorry.There is Christmas crappe everywhere I go, but I have no real Christmas Spirit(tm) yet.  This is not unusual, really.  It’s just a little odd, since I am surrounded by Christmas decorations at work.  Seriously, this place is like Classy Santa’s back-up headquarters.  There is Christmas nonsense *everywhere*.  I mean, there’s even a tree in the fitness center.  Criminy.  Not to mention Christmas tunes on constant play on the receptionist’s radio.

Usually all that would be enough, but this year I seem to be particularly Christmas resistant.  Kanai brought home a little 3-foot tree and…  well, let’s just say I didn’t react to well to that.  Later she brought me a little rosemary tree, which just may get me there, eventually.  I need to re-pot it I think, since my very-green-thumb friend once told me they tend to be root bound when you get them.

My plan is to do that, make some popcorn garland to string outside (which will probably annoy the apartment complex, but I have a serious shortage of fucks to give for what they think,) and watch Christmas themed movies that aren’t “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Maybe bake a cookie or several dozen.  Maybe that will help.

*     *     *     *     *

Went to the doctor yesterday.  Which is never as traumatizing or horrible as I whine about it being.  It’s just that the ladybits part of the exam always takes for freaking ever, because my… aah, “internal furniture arrangement” makes things difficult.  Honestly, except for the known quantities of being fat and depressed, I am in excessively good health.  She’s upping my thyroid meds a little, and referred me to the Depression Center at UofM.  Through my insurance I’ll probably have to join Weight Watchers, but it will also probably be free, and they’re talking about doing an At Work here, so it could be so much worse.

*     *     *     *     *

  On the way back from the doctor yesterday I heard two songs in a row that I have decided I like.   One was new – Ben Harper’s “Better Way,” which is rather timely, though released a while back.  The other is “Lost in My Mind” by The Head and The Heart.  Which I have heard a couple of times, and finally decided I liked all of it, not just the really catchy bit in the middle.  I also heard “You Are a Tourist,” and decided that I should just give in an admit that I really kind of like Death Cab for Cutie.  I was feeling a little like a marketing shill, until they put on Cold Play.  Changed the channel, still can’t stand them.  All is not lost.

*     *     *     *     *

Speaking of being a marketing shill, my mother will occasionally tell a story of how I came to her one time and asked for carrots, because I had seen an ad about them.  Or something.  She tells the story better because she actually remembers it.  Anyway, following that fine tradition, I heard an ad for Panera Bread now having pasta dishes.  So, when I got home and Cariad needed to eat and I had exactly three ounces of motivation for anything, that’s where I convinced him to go for food.

The pasta’s not bad, really.  The sacchetini tend toward the slightly overcooked, but that’s more to do with their shape.  Kanai’s tortellini were quite good, albeit very creamy.  Which is not a bad thing in itself, but paired with cream soup, it was apparently a bit much. 

*     *     *     *     *

I know I made noises about this last year and nothing happened (I blame school, which is no longer an issue for me, so…  optimistic,) but I am thinking again about a cookie exchange the weekend of the 17th.  Anyone who is interested should let me know.  For those who couldn’t come to the actual event I could arrange a snail mail exchange?  I’d even throw in extra cookies for the ones I owe them from last year (you know who you are.)


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