And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

So, I did rather fall off the face of the planet, there, didn’t I?

Well, wha’ ha’ happen was…

I volunteered at the fundraising auction my grade school held, and something in the building they held it in (not the school itself, but elsewhere,) set off a bronchial allergy attack of truly epic proportions.  I made it through the final performance the men did for the warden on Tuesday, and then promptly DIED.

More or less.  Reports may be greatly exaggerated.  What I do know is that by Thursday I was having difficulty breathing while doing things like walking, so Friday I stayed in bed.  Then I spent a week or so dragging my carcass to necessary activities, and vegging out on the couch the rest of the time because I had the energy output of an potato – enough to get by, but not for complex emotional processes (thanks, Portal2!)  I am all better now (more or less,) in part due to Jeff insisting I be nice to myself and rest, and in part because I started eating small amounts of meat again.

See, here’s the thing: I gots me some issues.  No, really whole subscriptions, but one of them is that I suffer from depression which, much like my ADD, is medication-resistant.  Now, I don’t for one minute buy that some magic dietary regimen will cure me, but I do know that letting my blood sugar roller-coaster is kind of like handing explosive ammunition to a pyromaniac with anger issues and an arsenal.  Things will not end well.  Add to that the fact that I was experiencing fatigue brought on by low iron, and the cocktail was…  Unproductive.

Now, before my brother does a little happy-carnivore-I-told-you-so sort of dance, let me state that I think it is entirely possible to manage my blood sugar problems and the iron issues without resorting to eating meat or relying on supplements.  It probably wouldn’t even require a significant increase in time or planning, or weird changes in what I eat.  But as I’ve mentioned before, I also believe that eating meat is part of a responsible and sustainable agricultural model.  So, I’m living my principles and getting the nutrition my body likes, without having to restructure my time such that something I love doing gets less attention.

So now I am eating eggs at breakfast, meat with lunch, and a vegetarian dinner.  And my energy levels are picking back up.  That’s good.

It also means that I am back, more or less, and will now be posting here more often, instead of using all my limited energy to post pretty things over on tumblr.

Also in there somewhere I won a Pioneer Woman drawing for an Anthropologie gift certificate, which I have since put to good use.  Perhaps I shall arrange for pictures, in the near future.

Next up: How I Went to Prison, and Why I Want to Go Back.


One thought on “And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

  1. Yay at your triumphant return to blogging! I am glad you took the time needed to manage your energy levels better. I’ve been feeling the difference with the small meaty meals I end up nibbling on; although, I’ve got to say with Gayle and Noonie kicking my butt over the summer, my desire to eat has plummeted. Glucose issues are never fun, so I’m attempting to follow your good model and approach them as best as I can.

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