Five Fings for Friday Fifteenth

1. I’m going to be at the Detroit Waldorf Soup Invitational tomorrow evening, attending as a volunteer.  I’m to be helping with closing the Silent Auction and pick up of auction items.  Theoretically, I get some soup, too, but I suspect that a large part of the evening will be spent talking about the fact that  I am an alumna, not a parent, that’s why no one recognizes me, and shooing auction weasels away from trying to add bids to silent auction items after bidding has closed. 

I’m actually rather looking forward to this, despite how the foregoing might sound, even though it means that I’ll miss most, if not all, of movie night.  I like the idea of demonstrating that alumni can be involved in Waldorf events in a capacity other than “Stone, getting blood from.”

2. I have made crepes, and lo, they did not suck even a little bit.  The credit goes almost entirely to the most recent issue of Cook’s Illustrated (thanks, Mom!) which had the recipe and method spelled out. So, we had crepes with nutella and banana for dinner last night.  Or, rather, Cariad and Kanai did, and I had crepes with honey and almonds, which are also tasty.

3. This Sunday marks the inaugural session of the Perry women book club.  We’re talking about “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” by Stieg Larsson.  I am just the teensiest bit excited about this, even though it is a video conference format, and therefore the likelihood of me doing something technical very, very wrong is high.  However, that is why Cariad is my on-call technical support, at least for the first half hour or so.  Perhaps I should tell him so…

As a related aside, I once had this lovely old lady at the Fitness Center Swimming Pool ask me if I was the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I demurred, allowing as to how Lisbeth is much more technologically proficient than I am, but I was (not-so-)secretly tickled pink by the question, as it had never even occurred to me, up to that point.

4. It has been bird week, apparently, though no one told me so.  Last Sunday Cariad and I saw some sort of very fast and aerodynamically sleek predatory bird while leaving the park.  Audubon dot com was almost no help whatsoever, since all their silhouettes look pretty much like vultures to me.  What I remember seeing was something much more akin to those curvy bird silhouette’s they put on large windows to keep smaller birds from bashing themselves senseless.

Then, Monday, as I was leaving the prison parking lot, something large, grey-ish and long-legged-water-bird-like flew over the car.  Which is terribly helpful to people who actually know things about birds, I know, but the best I can tell you is that I am absolutely 100% sure it was not a goose.

Speaking of which, there appears to be a pair of Canadians nesting the pond I walk by to and from the work bus-stop.  So far they have done nothing more than honk alarmedly and sidle away as I pass, their feet patting on the concrete in that loathsome clammy way, but I trust them about as far as they could get through a long division problem.  I realize that there must, in statistical theory, be people in the world who like geese.  These are probably the same people who put plaster geese on their porch and dress them in little seasonal outfits, and decorate their kitchens with images of hateful death-machines of rage  roosters.  To these people, I say: I am sure you are wonderful, well-adjusted members of society but seriously, you kinda creep me out.

5. I have finished Dragon Age 2, and should very much like it if the video gaming industry would hurry up and entertain me again.  I tried finishing my second Mass Effect 2 playthrough, but Tali died, I suspect because of Zaeed’s loyalty mission, in which I wouldn’t let civilians die.  I’ll probably try it again, but I am going to be very annoyed if I have to start over from the beginning in order to keep everyone alive.  Probably annoyed enough to go out and spend the $50 to buy the PS3 Ultimate edition of Dragon-Age Origins and just do that instead.  Which may be EA Games’ angle, the bastards.


3 thoughts on “Five Fings for Friday Fifteenth

  1. Those crepes were fantastic! I would say I savored each bite, but I think Hazu and I were too busy inhaling them. Glad your honey and almond ones were as yummy as you had hoped.

    You are as cool as Lisbeth! At least, from what I have seen and read of her so far. You might end up cooler, just not more tech savvy. Hah. ❤

  2. Hey, it’s Emily from TEDx and I think I’m spelling your email address wrong and it’s about the most impossible thing to find you on facebook, so… you should find me. I think I’m the only Emily Seipel on there. 🙂

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