Five Things Make A Post

Does anyone know where this concept came from?  I’ve seen it a few places, and wondered…  Anyway, I figured I’d do this, otherwise you may never hear from me because I’ll feel more and more pressure to make up for time away until I cower in fear from ever posting again.  So.  Five things:

1) Addendum to previous post: I scrapped the vegan cleanse idea because I went and found temp work.  In the scramble of starting a new placement, and relearning this whole ‘getting up at the buttcrack of early’ thing, veganism just requires way too much thought and planning.  So, I am vegetarian, once again, and happier for it, but the temporary food crazy was a no go.

2) My response to all the various horrible things that have happened in the world:  I’m sorry, but you’re not my problem.   A lot of people assume this is cold and heartless on my part.  It’s not. It’s simply that I cannot do anything about these things except hurt — I don’t have the means to donate money, and I don’t currently have the network or connections to create or support fundraisers or the like.  I wish I did, and I am even now working on creating that personal network.  Even so, I struggle with moral implications of proximity – who has the better claim on my resources, foreign disasters or local causes?  Perhaps I willpost an exploration of  this soon. 

3) What I can do: since I can’t help Japan, what can I do?  Well, I’ve gotten inolved with a playback theatre improv group called 6Figures.  One of their initiatives isto work with prisoners.  I’ll probably post stff about that soon.  I missed the EMU anonymous soldier letter drive, but plan to find another one soon.  I also have other projects in the works, which I will tell you more about when they are less nebulous.

4) I’ve been twittering more…  a lot more, compared to previous counts.  I’ve only got one really inappropriate tweet, I claim drunken poker as the culprit, and it’s not really that bad, anyway.  Though it’s probably the only penis tweet that could be made more safe for work by having a picture attached.  If you do twitter, you can follow me as thygatromedea.   It may be improper Greek, but it’s mine, and I intend to use it a lot!  Mostly because I’m too lazy to start another twitter as Darth Biscuit.  Maybe someday I’ll completely rebrand my internet identity, but I’ve got enough other stuff going on, seriously.

5) I have given in and let loose my closet social organizer.  Regular movie nights, girls nights, and I’m even trying to get together a Perry Women Skype Book Club.  I may get ambitious and try a meatworld book club as well.  Once I run out of social things to organize, I may start organizing other things in my life.  Cariad and Kanai have been forewarned, before any of you asks.  However, if they should come to you needing amnesty and booze, be kind.  They may need it.


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