That First Post That Everyone Does

So, yes.  Hello, world!  How are you?  How’s the family?  How’s the arthritis, still giving you trouble?


I started this blog, as blog, last night, then got overwhelmed by the prospect of writing the intro post, because seriously, where do you start?  Then I ate a calzone, and went to bed.


Now, however, in the light of day, with a nearly sufficient level of caffeine in my system, and the sheer joy of watching a very fat dog play in the snow-cum-mud (Pure Michigan!), I feel about up to beginning at the very beginning.  Only not, because I really sort of hate “The Sound of Music” despite the fact that I love musicals, and beginning at the very beginning would entail a level of detail that I do not wish to go into, because that would sort of obviate the need for further blogging, really.


Fun, yet possibly apocryphal, fact:  When performing “King Lear” at the Stratford Festival in Stratford, Ontario, Christopher Plummer needed to get really, really angry to get in to character.  In order to get there, he would have the other cast members stand in a circle around him and shout Sound of Music lyrics.  Awesome, no?


I am a fount of fun facts like this one: great party chat fodder, if only I were better at small talk.  Or getting invited to parties, for that matter.  Which isn’t to say I am lacking in self esteem or friends, just that I am not canape-and-small-talk-parties sort of people.  I have one that I go to on New Year’s Day that is filled with awesome people, and that about fills my need for that.


So, what ‘kind of people’ are you, exactly? I hear you asking, I mean, for an intro post, you’ve nattered on a great deal but not said any of the things that intro posts are supposed to say.  Get to it, already!  If you’re going to talk about rifle maintenance or the proper preparation of puppy-hides for use in the fashion headwear industry, we’d like to know now, so we can go watch TV, instead.  Sheesh.


Fine.  Be that way.  Things I will likely talk about include, but are not limited to:

  • Food. I am not entirely keen on the term “foodie” but let’s just say it would not be entirely inaccurate.  I am mostly vegetarian, except for a period early in the year when I become flexitarian.
  • Theatre/Drama.  I am a little bit theatre nerd, a little bit actor, a little bit writer.
  • Philosophy.  I study philosophy, currently on my own, but hopefully soon in a master’s degree program somewhere.
  • Feminism.  Oh, the dreaded and deeply misunderstood F-word.  It’s not always what you think it is, and I find it both academically fascinating and actively important.  Also under this category fall the fat acceptance and Health at Every Size posts I may do from time to time.
  • Art, Arts, and Crafts.  I occasionally do things that I will want to talk about, or show off pictures of accomplishments of which I am unreasonably proud.  Also under this category fall the remnants of my Art History nerd-dom.
  • Reading. Once in a while I might do a review of books read.  Not a regular feature, but occasionally possible.
  • Self-exploration.  Seems a little redundant on a personal blog, but there are a host of smaller issues that fall here, and not really anywhere else, like the adult-with-ADD stuff, fascination with personal organization/productivity stuff, fiction writing, and personal journal keeping revelations.  Also, possibly a few high-level examinations of the multifidelitous/polyerotic relationships.

As for the rest…  Well, let’s play it by ear, shall we?  I have snorking kitties to pester.


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