Why It Makes No Sense for Me To Do One of Those “Soundtrack of My Life” Memes

So, many of you are familiar with the irony it is that I – someone with neither taste nor direction in music – am married to a musician with reasonably discriminating (listening) tastes.

Also, I just got an iPod Touch. [Aside: this was in lieu of buying a netbook style laptop, and is mostly so I can do email, play games, and have easy access to useful info like shopping lists.] I am very much liking it, and Mr. The Jeef, being the wonderful husband that he often is, immediately installed iTunes on his laptop, and began loading music. At which point, this conversation repeated itself in various slightly different, but remarkably similar iterations:

Mr. The Jeef: Would you like some (insert probably famous artist here)?

Me: Sure!

MTJ: What would you like?

Me: … ?

MTJ: ::sigh:: Why don’t I just give you a random sampling?

Me: Okay! Oh, and give me that song!

MTJ: Why? Do you know it?

Me: No, but the title is really cool!

MTJ: ::Despair!::

Me, to co-worker: I think I’m listening to a love song to a blow-up doll.

Co-worker: … !

Me: Cool!

In news that is not really other, but still different, the Apple Genius playlist utility? Still no more comprehensible to me than Pandora, but equally useful. Except that it’s wierdness is restricted to stuff you already have, so there’s less “WTF? Cold Play? Why? Die you miserable bastard!”

Oh, and cariad? “The Weeping Song” by Nick Cave is my new favorite song of ever.


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